Short Term Major Medical


Short-term major medical plans normally can be issued quickly just by answering a few questions, and are also fairly inexpensive.

Short-term major medical plans have their place but there are some limitations that should be understood. The definition of a pre-existing condition varies from state to state, however, a short-term health insurance plan would exclude coverage for any conditions that have diagnosed or treated within the last 3 – 5 years.

Another limitation of a short-term major medical plan is the expiration date. When you purchase a short-term major medical plan, it will expire. If you become ill or have an injury while under the short-term plan and still need medical services when the plan expires, your coverage would end, and you would be without coverage

Short-Term Major Medical Insurance may be appropriate if you are:

  • Between Jobs
  • Laid Off
  • A Recent College Graduate
  • Waiting for Employer Group Coverage

If you currently do not have insurance, and there is no form of permanent or group health insurance in sight, we recommend that you purchase a permanent health insurance plan instead of a short-term major medical plan.

If a short term-major medical plan fits your insurance needs, please click on the Instant Quote link above to run a quote and apply.